Collaboration and Consulting - CIMIT MAIN

Growing Powerful Innovation Ecosystems

We offer collaboration and consulting services to grow high performing healthcare innovation ecosystems. We provide hands-on support from experienced faculty and content experts, access to the tools for forming and managing consortia, connecting networks, soliciting and selecting projects for seed funding, providing expert facilitation to accelerate commercialization.

The Model

We have a proven, codified model for connecting stakeholders to create and accelerate innovations that improve patient care and help grow high-performing healthcare innovation ecosystems. Our faculty and extended network of experienced clinical, technical, commercialization, and economic development experts work directly with institutional leaders to adapt and build processes, as well as the relationships needed to create rapid and sustainable impact.

Boston-Cambridge and Beyond

We have shown the power of connecting ecosystems in thematic-based networks to address common healthcare challenges across the globe. Our model has been successfully adapted to create international ecosystems in areas such as Manchester, UK and Singapore.

A Phased Approach

Our faculty and content experts help organizations identify foundational strengths, gaps to address, will create a plan to make the best use of scarce resources, and help drive implementation. Our collaboration and consulting engagements can start in any of the following phases and be customized to an organization’s situation and objectives:

Discovery and Planning

Engagements often begin with a discovery review including an on-site period for our faculty and content experts to meet with key regional stakeholders to develop an understanding of local strengths, gaps, and aspirations. In collaboration with your leadership, we will create a roadmap and implementation plan to strengthen the ecosystem and establish metrics to gauge progress.

Initial Implementation

Our faculty and content experts will work in partnership with local leadership to implement identified initiatives and actively facilitate projects and networking events to assist innovators. Initiatives may include convening events and facilitated solicitations to support local collaborations and accelerate innovations into practice. To speed successful implementation, our suite of web-based tools are often adapted.

Ongoing Collaboration

Over time, regional ecosystems become fully self-sustaining and participate as members of CIMIT’s global network to improve healthcare and economic growth for all. For more information please contact John Collins.