Projects - C-THAN

Current C-THAN Projects

  1. Development of HCV Core Antigen Test to Detect Active Hepatitis C Infection – Principal Investigator: Sally McFall – Prime Institution: Northwestern University

  2. Smartphone-based Measurement of TST Induration for Latent TB Screening – Principal Investigator: Tania Douglas – Prime Institution: University of Cape Town

  3. Acute HIV Detection Assays with Isothermal Amplification and Strand Displacement Visualization – Principal Investigator: Julius Lucks – Prime Institution: Northwestern University

  4. Optimization of Sputum Collection Cup for Reduction in Rejection Rates of Sputum Specimens – Principal Investigator: Chris de Villiers – Prime Institution: Sinapi Biomedical

  5. Fluorescent p24 Ag assay to increase sensitivity of early infant diagnosis of HIV – Principal Investigators: Diana Hardie & Sally McFall – Prime Institutions: University of Cape Town & Northwestern University

  6. Highly Sensitive Multiplex qPCR for detecting HIV associated tuberculosis (TB) and non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infection" – Principal Investigators: Souleymane Diallo & Mamoudou Maiga – Prime Institutions: University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako & Northwestern University

  7. SAX-TB tool to salvage DNA from Xpert cartridges – Principal Investigators: Grant Theron – Prime Institutions: Stellenbosch University.

  8. Oral Swab Diagnosis of HIV-TB – Principal Investigators: Gerard Cangelosi – Prime Institutions: University of Washington

  9. Patterned Blood Spot Cards – Principal Investigators: Charles R. Mace – Prime Institutions: Tufts University

  10. Simple reaction detection of HIV-1 resistance in resource limited settings – Principal Investigators: Mario Stevenson – Prime Institutions: Discidium Biosciences, LLC

  11. Lateral flow immunoassay for rapid detection of Hepatitis B core related antigen (HBcrAg) to aid in management of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection – Principal Investigators: David Aucoin – Prime Institutions: University of Nevada, Reno

  12. Optimized Sample Transportation to support POC deployment - Information Sharing and Motorcycle Routing in Diagnostic Networks – Principal Investigators: Mphatso Kachule – Prime Institutions: Riders for Health